Mixed Hot Peppers- Vegetables Jamaican Peppers- Mixed


Indian Bitter Melon (Karela)

Pepinos Bulk

Short Potel (Parruval)

Chinese Egg Plant

Small Green Chili Peppers.
Ají Picante Corto, Hot Peppers Sm.

White String Beans


Long Hot Peppers.

Green Jamaican Peppers. Hot Chili Peppers. Hot Green Peppers.

Chinese Bitter Melon- Cundeamor Chino-
Momordica Chatantia

Green Mangos. Early in the season green mangos are really popular.

Green Mangos. Early in the season green mangos are really popular.


We are proud to announce Super Avocados has just received a special approval from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to ship ALL PEPPERS to the United States. This is permit has taken us a long time to procure and we are VERY EXCITED TO now be able to ship Hot Peppers, Bell Peppers, Jamaican Peppers, Long Peppers, and Small Chili Peppers to the USA. Call or email us today to place your orders. We will fill larger orders as quickly as possible.

Welcome superavocados !

We export fresh fruits and vegetables from the Dominican Republic.  We currently serve clients in the United States, Canada, and Europe.  All agriculture permits and licenses are current.

Our fresh fruits and vegetables are grown on many small farms around the country and then gathered and combined through a co-operative sales effort.  We help small farms market to the global market. Our network of farms, however, have 40,000 acres in combined cultivation.

We have shipping and packaging facilities operating 24/7 when necessary to fulfill urgent orders.

When you place your order keep in mind that we ship by air freight in containers with a gross weight of 3000 LBS, which allows us to ship approxamitely 2900 LBS of fruits and/or vegetables in each container.  We work with several airfreight brokers to make sure you are getting the best rate on shipping your vegetables. You are welcome to use our broker or we are happy to deliver the product to the airport for you. All prices quoted are FOB Dominican Republic unless stated otherwise.

When you order we will try to make recommendations based on what Asian Vegetables we know are available in the market and what will become available shortly. We help our clients choose the right assortment of fruits and vegetables for their business and each container as required.

About Super Avocados

Super Avocados is a family owned and operated produce export company.  Members of the family have been exporting fruits for years.  Everything we sell is grown locally.  We have close relationships with all of our growers and make sure our customers get only their best fruits and vegetables. Our growers sell us their best produce and then sell the rest to our competitors.

We work day and night sorting, cleaning, and packaging our customer’s vegetable orders.  We can ship through any carrier you prefer.  We have relationships established with several shipping companies. We also ship by air freight to major airports anywhere in the world.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority.  We pride ourselves on providing the best fresh fruit and fresh vegetables in the world.  Our Avocados our easily the best Avocados most of our customers have ever dreamed of.  They are big, beautiful, and of course tasty.


Super Avocados offers specials on certain produce as supplies allow us to sell larger quantities for lower per unit costs. Send us an inquiry and we will let you know what products are currently on special. To take advantage of our specials you need to schedule your orders in advance. We only start working on your order when we receive your order and payment, which means the earlier we receive those two items the earlier we can start to plan your order. Particularly with our specially priced items, some buyers order significantly different amounts each week causing difficulties in planning. While we do our best to guess how much our buyers will order, the earlier you order the more likely we are going to be able to cover your larger orders and remember that our long-term clients always get the best prices.

We have several products on special this week! Call now to get the price or sign up on our Contact Us Page to receive our weekly specials by email.

Bulk Orders

Super Avocados has the contacts, infrasturcture, and ability to supply any size and frequency of order.  We currently supply orders to both individual retail customers who need produce for an asian restaurant or small store as well as multi-store grocery chains and grocery outlets.  Our bulk orders are bid based on current market conditions.

We are always looking to establish relationships with vegetable importers, vegetable brokers, restaurant and store owners, as well as with produce managers or grocery store owners who will consistently order large quantities.  These long term business relationships allow us to pre-plan our suppliers planting and growing seasons. In some circumstances we are able to contract directly with a vegetable grower to supply a specific buyer or group of buyers. Doing this allows us to get our customer the best quality vegetables at the absolute best prices because the prices can be fixed well in advance.

Please let us know your needs and let us put together an estimate for you today.


We ship all over the world via air freight.  We are happy to deliver any size of order but keep in mind the discounts and savings offered by shipping companies for larger or whole container orders. In most cases our clients order full containers of fresh fruit or Asian Vegetables.  Each container holds 2900 lbs of produce. Depending on the type of fruit or vegetables you order each container can hold up to 72 of the large boxes.  Plan your orders accordingly.

If you are unable to fill an entire container we will do our best to help you get favorable shipping prices. We work with several freight brokers so we have bargaining power to get them to help you get the best possible prices.

Contact us with your requirements and we will get you a price for shipment to an airport close to you.