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: Top Quality Dominican Republic Grown Fruits & Vegetables

: We export fresh fruits and vegetables from the Dominican Republic.  We currently serve clients in the United States, Canada, and Europe.  All agriculture permits and licenses are current. 


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Doing Business in Central America/ Investment Protection Ensure your investments in Central America are protected. If you have an investment that has been discriminated against by a local government is the place to go. seeks to facilitate and promote business and economic development between Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) member countries by providing businesses with expert counsel and advice on the development of business relationships between the United States and countries in Central America.  We also assist clients who have had problems with host countries of their investments.

Hardcore Sales Training Strategies and approaches for getting more sales, NOW! Direct sales, sales negotiation, sales presentations, and sales motivation. iYF Sales should be the top of your list.

Saboba’s Hope, Inc. Supporting the Saboba Medical Centre by giving guidance and aid.

Dominican Republic Living- I write about the many unique differences between living in a First World country and living in a Third World, or developing, Country. The differences include different rules for driving, safety concerns, having a live-in maid, learning a new language, and how to cope in an entirely new World. This book is written not so much as a how-to guide but as a true life example of someone who decided to live in the Caribbean and how he made it happen.

Family Dentist located in Utah County, UT