Growers & Shipping

Above is a photo inside a greenhouse with bell peppers. Bell peppers are available year round and are red, yellow and green. Depending on the current crop we usually sell peppers in mixed color assortments. We will let you know the approximate mix of colors when you place your order. Some of our clients prefer to have only one color of pepper, in such situations we can also sort the peppers into assorted colors and send you only the colors you want, for a little extra. Let us know what your pepper requirements are and we will deliver exactly what you want.

We receive produce from our growers by the truck load. We often receive many truckloads each day and sometimes we run our operations 24 hours to keep up with peak demand in the busy season. Once we receive a shipment from the field we wash and prepare the produce to be shipped to our buyers.

Above is an order of Castanos or Bread Fruit prepared and waiting in our refrigeration building, ready to go to the airport. To the right is a palate of hot peppers also waiting in the refrigeration building. These Bread Fruit are one of our most sought after vegetables this time of year. Once we chill the produce it will stay chilled until it arrives at its destination. This is just one way we help ensure our clients have the maximum shelf life to sell or use the products.

The majority of our products are shipped in the larger boxes shown above (white cardboard with green printing). Some produce needs to be shipped in smaller boxes because of its delicate nature, so we will also ship some produce in the appropriate sized smaller boxes, also shown above. Some of the boxes are a waxed cardboard to help them maintain their strength in shipping. These boxes are typically used with produce that requires ice blocks to be shipped with them inside the boxes.

Our main goal is to deliver our clients the best possible produce available. We make sure the fresh fruits and fresh vegetables remain fresh by following a rigorous care procedures. We also protect the fresh produce by wrapping certain delicate fruits with special wrapping and shipping some produce in special boxes with ice blocks inside. We include paper inside the boxes to make sure the freshness remains during the trip from our facilities to your business. We maintain one of the strictest quality standards in the Dominican Republic, our packaging and care proves it.


These are just a couple of the refrigerated trucks we use to take the fresh fruits and vegetables to the airport. The produce will stay cold all the way to their final destination because we use refrigerated trucks and storage.

Here is a photo of a local produce stand with second hand fruit for sale. We export only the best fruits and vegetables and leave the rest for the other exporters or for sale on the open market. Even this second hand fruit is better than the produce I purchased in most supermarkets I grew up around. It is amazing!

Why Choose over other exporters? This is an interesting question we hear from time to time, particularly from buyers who have had problems from other suppliers. We feel we are the best place to buy fresh fruits and fresh vegetables for several reasons. Let us explain. Our produce is priced based off our own expenses, investment, and profit, not what other people are doing. We are often the lowest cost supplier, sometimes we are not. While we do price our products competitively does not market the cheapest products on the market. We never have tried to sell cheap produce and we never will advertise that.  We do not even consider low-end growers our competition.  Our products are top quality and many of our clients gladly pay a premium to be able to obtain them.  We, in fact, refuse to export products that do not meet our rigorous quality standards.  We are strategically located with several non-stop flights to Canada, the United States, and Europe each day, so our produce arrives at our clients’ businesses the same day it was picked!  Depending on the flight schedule your order will arrive at your local airport within hours of the fresh fruit or vegetables being cut. This enables our clients to have the freshest produce with a longer shelf-life and to market the best quality products to their customers, who definitely know the difference. It is our quality and our ability to constantly provide our clients with the best produce that allows us to remain competitive. aggressively market to importers who are looking to provide only the best quality produce to their customers.  We seek long term business relationships with companies who are looking to sell the best products and to be able to demand a premium for them. These businesses have an advantage because they are able to both charge more and their customers are happy to pay more, which makes everyone win.  Our client has a larger profit margin. Our clients’ customers have products that are often days fresher than fruits and vegetables available at other outlets, so they are happy. It is a win-win scenario.

After undertaking an extensive study, any price differences between prices and other providers are not only negligible but they are offset by the added value of selling the best produce on the market.  Businesses trying to sell produce grown half way around the world do not compare, even if they price their products lower. Let your competitors sell the cheap stuff. Your clients will appreciate the quality you provide and the value you deliver.

Once you order your fruits and vegetables from you will never want to get them anywhere else!